Who We Are ?

AEROFIX is the TURKISH leader in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals product for the industrial sector.

For more than 35 years now, AEROFIX has been meeting all customer needs by offering them a particularly complete range of products.

Today it is arguably the largest on the market, with 150 products divided into 11ranges accordıng to the market needs.

AEROFIX has a network of efficient professionals always ready to respond to requests while ensuring a fast production and delivery service with daily order processing.

We,as AEROFIX we enthusiastically Continue to develop new products to meet our customer needs.

AEROFIX has been committed to a quality management system for 35 years

Our Vision

By combining the modern production system and knowledge with our experienced team and a quality workforce, AEROFIX ensures stability and durability in production as well as in innovation by creating new products while respecting quality in taking into account the needs of our customers.

AEROFIX priority is to guarantee customer satisfaction by analyzing customer needs and proposing the best solutions.

AEROFIX is positioned as a leading, reliable and exemplary company on the national market and our goal is to have the same position on the international market by bringing our experience and reliability to our future customers all over the world.

Our Mission

AEROFIX aims to satisfy its customers by providing high quality products for more efficiency in order to have the expected result and to guarantee good assistance.

As AEROFIX we constantly strive to improve the quality and diversity of our product range in order to achieve our strategic goals and preserve our core values.